How can you send us your data?

Please send your data in a Zip.file by email or by post to the following address:
Book Designs @ Zeuner Publishing, Sattler Straße 23, 14469 Potsdam, Germany.

We accept all regular file formats, preferably send your data as a Word document and pictures in JPG format. For larger files you can use Dropbox.


What will we need from you?

Pls send us the following:

  1. The manuscript
  2. Pictures or illustrations, which you would like to insert
  3. Impressum
  4. short text about the author
  5. ISBN

For the eBook creation we need the manuscript, the cover and the metadata (ISBN, copyright, keywords, short description of the content).


What happens if the ePUB does not meet the requirements or is not accepted by the publisher or Amazon?

Contact us with details of the error message. We will correct the error and send you a new ePUB file. All ePUB files are created in a professional layout program and checked in advance by us in working order. The upload at e.g. Amazon KDP or epubli.de should work without problems at the first time!


Is my data safe?

Book design is commited to secrecy and will not continue to use or share your information to any third party. Your Copyright is therefore 100% protected.


What happens if I do not like the layout?

We will work out a layout design together. Included in the price are two draft amendments, in case you should not like the first draft. Changes requested after completion of the layout design will be charged separately according to outlay.