eBook enhanced

layout-heavy books such as travel books or cook books.

With the extension of the standard ebook formats to ePUB3.0 and other formats such as iBooks or the Kindle KF8 format, it is now possible to create ebooks with interactive content, e.g. audio and video , (so-called “enhanced ebook”, enhanced = extended)

Even complex layout books can be implemented almost 1:1 as an ebook with the “fixed-layout ePUB”. Here each page looks the same as the PDF. It can be designed individually so that double-sided layout, multi-column text, or firmly integrated design elements and fonts can be displayed in the ebook. Additionally, video and audio files can be added, images and 3-D graphics, zoomable maps and much more. An original-faithful implementation of complex layout templates is possible.

Services included:

  • Programming your layout template into the desired format
  • Embedding of interactive elements
  • Creation and linking of content page
  • Embedding of the cover
  • Creating of navigation links
  • Processing of images and graphics for the screen display
  • Inserting tables and graphics
  • Formatted and linked footnotes
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